Visit the World and more while the World is Social Distancing

When looking at such stories like the one below, we are very proud of younger adults and the amazing initiatives and roles that they seek out. Being the fastest growing demographic in Canada, more and more youth are showcasing their talents - from art, to music, to sports, to literature, to construction, to engineering, to coding - the list doesn't stop. The Chippewas of Rama are very proud of our young adult members and will always fully support them.

This year certainly has taken a weird twist. These are brand new times in history as we are combating a pandemic that has gripped our world. Many things have changed, but what will NEVER change is our role as adult members to help out.
We've tried to make a list of stuff for you to do while we stay home and get bored fast. We hope you like some of the ideas - some are great, some kinda suck - we're all in this together. If any help, cool. Our New Media Specialist would love to see more links and ideas for our youth to keep …
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