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Visit the World and more while Physically Distancing

When looking at such stories like the one below, we are very proud of younger adults and the amazing initiatives and roles that they seek out. Being the fastest growing demographic in Canada, more and more youth are showcasing their talents - from art, to music, to sports, to literature, to construction, to engineering, to coding - the list doesn't stop. The Chippewas of Rama are very proud of our young adult members and will always fully support them.

This year certainly has taken a weird twist. These are brand new times in history as we are combating a pandemic that has gripped our world. Many things have changed, but what will NEVER change is our role as adult members to help out.

We've tried to make a list of stuff for you to do while we stay home and get bored fast. We hope you like some of the ideas - some are great, some kinda suck - we're all in this together. If any help, cool.
Our New Media Specialist would love to see more links and ideas for our youth to keep busy and informed, so if you do have more ideas, shoot an email at Rich Callacott ( and he will look into adding it to the growing list, or even showcasing it.

Here goes:

Virtual Tours

Click here to go to Canada's Wonderland Virtual Rides

Canada's Wonderland Virtual Rides - Since you can't go to the park, let the park come to you. Best if viewed on a larger TV, even better if you have a VR headset. Take a ride on the Yukon Striker, the Psyclone, Timberwolf Falls, Leviathan and more from the comfort of your home. If you feel nauseous after riding, your bathroom is close by!

Click here to see museums and galleries from around the world

Virtual Museum and Gallery Tours - From the Guggenheim in New York to the MASP in Sao Paulo, sit down and explore the treasures our world has to offer. Again, a VR headset would only add to the experience. Artists and sculptors, you may find some inspiration here.

Click here to take a Yellowstone National Park Virtual Tour

Yellowstone National Park Virtual Tour - Ever wanted to go to Wyoming from your couch or bed? Now you can with this and explore one of the largest national parks in the United States. Animals and scenery for kilometers and kilometers.

Click here to get away from Earth for a while

Mars Curiosity Rover Virtual Tour - It's pretty cool that we can check out pictures of Mars from both the high resolution and lower resolution cameras that the Curiosity Rover took. Points of interest and free roaming are available. Get away from everything and out into space with this link.

Click here to start virtually farming

Virtual Farming - With 360 degree video, you too can get up at the crack of dawn and start your day like a Canadian farmer does. See how cheese is made, how grain mills operate and how grains get from the field to your table.

Click here to go to the Louvre

Virtually visit the Louvre - Ever wanted to go to Paris & the Louvre but just didn't have the time or resources? Well now you do with this virtual tour. Some of the areas are quite breathtaking inside this world famous museum. Check it out for yourself.

Click here to check out the Great Wall of China

Virtually see the Great Wall of China - Pro skateboarder Danny Way once jumped a section of this amazing wall. Check out this wonder-of-the-world and be taken back on just how long the Wall really is. Take in its history and admire the craftship of this ancient wall that was built so long ago.

Click here to see the iconic British Museum

The British Museum - Located in the heart of London, this virtual trip allows visitors to tour the Great Court, discover the ancient Rosetta Stone and examine Egyptian mummies. The site is wonderful and encompasses the world in its exhibits and pieces. Take some time with this one, it's worth it.

Ideas from Rama

Cathy Edney, Communications Manager also has sent over some great ideas. Let us share them with you here:

Click here to go to the NFB Collection

National Film Board of Canada - The NFB has made their whole collection free to watch online. There is much more that just Indigenous cinema, as shown above. For example, right on the homepage of NFB is the 'Log Driver's Waltz,' something Richard Callacott watched as a child many times during TV commercials.

Learn to Hoop Dance with Dallas Arcand - Facebook Page with instructional video

Hoop Dancing with Dallas Arcand (@dallasarcandhoops) - Dallas has an extensive lineup of video on his Facebook page, from showcasing his own talents with hoops to instructional, step-by-step video on how to start it yourself. Very kind of him to share his knowledge so that you may do the same.

Click here to go to the Digital PowWow Facebook Page

Digital Powwow Underground - Some young adults have moved to the online realm to start a Powwow movement of their own. This is a contest, so even you could win if you submit an entry. Get ideas for have your own home powwow or try to win cash prizes.

Click here to see the piece from Vogue on Online Beading Circles

Online Beading Circles - Vogue did a nice article on how Indigenous members are taking part in online circles, sharing their creations and stories on such platforms as Zoom and others. Very easy to begin and start, you'd probably be amazed at the creations you can make.

Click here to go to the PowWow Sweat YouTube playlist

The StyleHorse Collective Powwow Sweat - This group has compiled a number of traditional dances for both men, women and children and shares it on an ever-growing playlist compilation. Twenty-one are currently on the list, so break out your moccasins, jingle dresses or just yourself and get active while at home!

We hope you enjoy this blog and the multitude of things to keep you busy. Thank you all for your hard work through this pandemic. We're all in it together, so we might as well enjoy this time. Again, any more ideas, sites, virtual tours and whatever you can think of, email New Media Specialist Richard Callacott at with them. I look forward to hearing from you. Stay kind, stay well, and stay awesome.


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